When your dentist asks how often you floss, have you ever been tempted to lie and say "once every day" - even if you only remember to take floss out of your medicine cabinet right before a dentist appointment? Have you ever felt uncomfortable discussing your less-than-perfect health habits with a doctor because you worried that they might look down on you?

With my colleagues at Stanford, I explore issues such as these in projects investigating trust in experts, with a special interest in patient-provider interactions, and the powerful influence of concerns about rejection and acceptance (seResearch page for some of my current projects).

I'm a sixth year doctoral candidate in Social Psychology at Stanford University and the Shaper Family Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow.​ 

I earned my undergraduate degrees in Psychology and German Language and Literature from the University of Virginia in 2010, where I had the pleasure of working with Jon Haidt and Tim Wilson. After graduating, I spent a year abroad on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Reutlingen, Germany. 

I live in San Francisco and love reading about the history of the Bay Area. Spending time outdoors and watching so-bad-they're-good movies are two of my favorite pastimes. 

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