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University of Zurich

Department of Business Administration

Plattenstrasse 14

8032 Zurich, Switzerland

E-mail: Lauren.howe at business.uzh.ch

As rapid advances in technology like artificial intelligence, ever-more-sophisticated robots, and increasingly available big data transform the world of work, how can we tap into the very things that make us human - such as social relationships, emotions, and empathy - to improve the world of work?​ 

My research as an Assistant Professor in Management at the University of Zurich asks this question. I focus on studying the 

'human side' of the future of work.

Previously, I investigated how human connection matters for leaders and organizations as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Zurich Chair of HRM and Leadership working with Jochen Menges, and how human connection matters in healthcare as a postdoctoral scholar in the Stanford University Mind & Body Lab working with Alia Crum. 

I earned my PhD in Social Psychology from Stanford University, where I was the Shaper Family Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow.​ With my colleagues at Stanford, I worked on projects exploring aspects of social relationships and trust in experts. Click here to read my speech on embracing your own expertise from the Stanford Psychology Department's graduation ceremony!

​​As an undergraduate, I double majored in Psychology and German Language and Literature at the University of Virginia, where I had the pleasure of working with Jon Haidt and Tim Wilson. After graduating, I spent a year abroad on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Reutlingen, Germany. 

Beyond research and teaching, I love to spend my time writing about science for the popular press, participating in book clubs, and learning about local history. Meeting cows while exploring the Swiss mountains and watching so-bad-they're-good-again movies are two of my favorite pastimes. 


Is your research relevant to people's role in shaping the changing world of work? Submit to our special research theme in Academy of Management Discoveries on the "human side" of the future of work before May 2022!

January 2022. Our team at the Center for Leadership in the Future of Work at the University of Zurich is hiring! If you are seeking a postdoc position, check out our postings focused on Organizational Behavior and the use of VR/AR technologies in the future of work at our website: https://www.leadthefuture.org/job-openings 

September 2021. How can we encourage people to work together to solve important challenges, like cutting carbon emissions and contributing to charity? My research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology offers a solution.

August 2021. Over 80 attendees joined our AOM PDW Workshop on "Shaping a New Research Agenda on the Future of Work!"

June 2021. Does your career have to be your passion? My Harvard Business Reviewarticle asks this question.

December 2020. When work feels like family, employees keep quiet about wrongdoing. Read about the downsides of a close-knit culture for ethics in my Harvard Business Reviewarticle.​