Dr. Lauren C. Howe 

University of ZURICH

Social Psychologist

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CoNtact ME

University of Zurich

Chair of HRM and Leadership

Department of Business Administration

Plattenstrasse 14

8032 Zurich, Switzerland

E-mail: Lauren.howe at business.uzh.ch

If entrepreneurs admit that they struggle with insecurity, will it drive investors away or make their cases more compelling? Does it matter whether people's bosses say "hi" to them in the morning or keep their eyes glued to their laptops? Is "practicing what you preach" always inspiring, or can it make someone seem judgmental of others?

My research asks questions such as these. As a postdoctoral scholar working with Jochen Menges at the Chair of Human Resource Management and Leadership at the University of Zurich, I examine the critical role of social relationships in organizational contexts and illustrate how considering their influence can lead to novel insights.

As a postdoctoral scholar in the Stanford University Mind & Body Lab with Alia Crum, I investigated why human connection matters in the context of medical professionals. For example, I showed that greater rapport with healthcare providers can enhance how much patients respond to a medical treatment.

I earned my doctorate in Social Psychology from Stanford University in 2017, where I was the Shaper Family Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow.​ With my colleagues at Stanford, I worked on projects exploring aspects of social relationships and trust in experts. Click here to read my speech on embracing your own expertise from the Stanford Psychology Department's graduation ceremony!

​​As an undergraduate, I double majored in Psychology and German Language and Literature at the University of Virginia, where I had the pleasure of working with Jon Haidt and Tim Wilson. After graduating, I spent a year abroad on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Reutlingen, Germany. 

Beyond research and teaching, I love to spend my time writing about science for the popular press, participating in book clubs, and learning about local history. Hiking and watching so-bad-they're-good-again movies are two of my favorite pastimes.