Articles written by me about research

The secret tax on women's time. TIME Magazine, January 2023.

To retain employees, support their passions outside work. Harvard Business Review (digital edition), March 2022.

Leaders, don't be afraid to talk about your fears and anxieties. Harvard Business Review (digital edition), August 2021.

Why your job doesn't have to be your passion. Harvard Business Review (digital edition), June 2021.

When work feels like family, employees keep quiet about wrongdoing. Harvard Business Review (digital edition), December 2020.

The funny thing about robot leadership. European Business Review, December 2020.

How to (actually) save time when you're working remotely. Harvard Business Review (digital edition), August 2020.

How much time did we save by not commuting during the pandemic?  July 2020.

Can acknowledging uncertainty make scientists more persuasive? Nature Research Blog, October 2019. 

These two things set 'good' doctors apart. The Paper Gown, October 2019. 

Can a nice doctor make treatments more effective? The New York Times, January 2019. 

Making the exam room a judgment-free zone. The Paper Gown, November 2018.

Making the most of time in the doctor's office. The Paper Gown, October 2018.

Can imagining your future improve your health? Character & Context, April 2018.

When your doctor is fitter than you are. The New York Times, July 2017.

Improving healthcare by harnessing the social context. Character & Context, January 2017.

Wealth doesn't always equal health. Character & Context, January 2017.

A self-improvement secret: Work on strengths. Scientific American, May 2016. 

Creating a new definition of what it means to be healthy. Character & Context, January 2016.

How discrimination shapes the health of American racial and ethnic minorities. Character & Context, January 2016. 

A secret to healthy aging may be what you do for others. Character & Context, January 2016.  

Why is it so tough for some to exorcise the ghosts of their romantic pasts? The Conversation, January 2016.

Why some people take breakups harder than others. The Atlantic, January 2016.

The Big Sort: When personal preferences build political partisanship., November 2010.

Is politics hopelessly partisan? Perceptions of the “other side.”, August 2010.


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